Plan Canada - Volume 19, Number 2 (June 1979)

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Abstracts|Résumés -- Regional development in Atlantic Canada: Emerging directions in public policy / Roger Hayter & Keith Storey -- Issues and approaches of rural community planning in Canada / Mohammad A. Qadeer -- The impact of non-farm development on agriculture: A synthesis / C.R. Bryant & L.H. Russwurm -- Allotment gardens / Reiner Jaakson & Grant R. Peart -- Group homes and property values in residential areas / Tom Goodale & Sherry Wickware -- Monitoring metropolitan population change: Toronto, 1971-1976 / David R. Ingram -- [Book review] Urban and regional planning in a federal state: The Canadian experience, edited by William T. Perks & Ira M. Robinson / J. Barry Cullingworth -- [Book review] Urban housing markets: Recent directions in research and policy, edited by Larry S. Bourne & John R. Hitchcock / W.J. Fitzpatrick -- [Book review] Environmental impact analysis: Emerging issues in planning, edited by Ravinder K. Jain & Bruce L. Hutchings / Peter Boothroyd -- Contributors|Auteurs des articles
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