Land use rifts and landscape multifunctionality in Richmond, BC

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Manaligod, Rodolfo
Ecological Rift
Landscape Multifunctionality
Land Use Rift
Social Rift
Interfaces of agricultural land reserve (ALR) and adjacent land uses in Richmond, BC were mapped in Google Earth and characterized based on their structural and multifunctional attributes using multi-criteria approach, visual verification and photography. Seventeen interface types were identified and characterized. These interfaces were then associated to land use rifts manifested as breaks on material flows (ecological rifts) and expressions of social tensions (social rifts) along adjacent edges. Porous and soft surface form interfaces facilitate material flow along its curvy and unpaved edges. These interfaces tend to have high multifunctionality as exemplified by Arable-River and Forest-Industrial. Active and passive material flows are hindered by rigid and hard surface form interfaces with straight and paved highways, roads, and concrete barriers and tend to have low multifunctionality. Ecological and social rifts tend to be mediated by facilitating multifunctional edge pairs and boundaries and multifunctional green space along the interfaces.
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