Acculturation of child immigrants to Canada: project on the acculturative stress of child immigrants and possible strategies to overcome the stress

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Babu, Bindya Chembakassery
Acculturation is a time consuming process. The initial days of acculturation are always associated with anxiety or stress. When trying to acculturate to a new country or environment, individuals have to go through the process of acculturation. Even if the process of acculturation to a new country is difficult, there are several strategies that can be adopted to ease the acculturation process of the immigrants. This project deals with the acculturation of young international students studying in Canada and the role of their parents and teachers in helping them to acculturate. This project is an attempt to share information about acculturation, acculturative stress and acculturation strategies. The outcome of this project is a series of workshops for two audiences: the parents and the teachers of young international students. The workshops designed will provide the audience information on the background, challenges, and strategies regarding the acculturation process of young international students.
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