Incorporating place as a learning intention: a place-based education project to build engagement around the teaching of grade 8 earth science

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Hendriks, Stephanie M.
In this project, the incorporation of place as a learning intention was examined to create place-based learning experiences that allow students to gain a better sense of place. The question of how to best design place-based learning activities is addressed through a review of literature on the elements of place-based education and place-based education design. Elements of environmental education, experiential learning, and connecting students with nature were examined along with inquiry based learning, and the role technology can play in place-based education. The research resulted in the creation of a grade 8 earth science unit plan, a website (, and number of connection/collaboration tools that are meant to encourage place-based learning activities in the West Kootenay region. The project is built primarily around connecting students and teachers with the geophysical landscape with the hopes that it will increase engagement around the teaching of intermediate earth science units.
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