Fantasy Island

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Grant, Jannine
Fantasy Island is a collection of poems by Vancouver Island University student and Nanaimo resident Jannine Grant exposing the illusions and impacts of colonialism on Vancouver Island and beyond. Historic and ongoing colonialist actions including racism, sexism and destruction of our environment and people are articulated by poems such as: The Smell of this Place, Elegy for J50 and After the Flood. Grant produced Fantasy Island as a chapbook portfolio for VIU professor Jay Ruzesky’s Fall of 2018 Lyric and Prose Poetry Workshop.
Recommendations of a poet -- After the flood -- Bar fight -- Miracle Beach -- Indian Arm -- Elegy for J50 -- We come in peace -- The lady in the white hat -- Pana-visions -- Shack Island -- Fur coats and beauty queens -- Prepping for the apocalypse -- The smell of this place
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