Creating a spark with outdoor education

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Gleeson, Adria A.
By reflecting on my own teaching practice and listening to my students questioning their learning I realized that I was not using my best practice. This paper examines some of the benefits of reconnecting children with nature and how doing so can create meaningful learning experiences to engage students. This study sought to answer the following questions: How do I go about making a change to my teaching practice that better suits my needs and those of my learners? How can creating a nature connection for my students ensure learner engagement? I conducted interviews with four local educators and wrote the results up as case studies. I then examined each one and pulled out the common themes. These themes along with the literature in favour of outdoor education helped me create a set of learning experiences that included being outdoors, being active and getting to know our own school yard. The outcome of this project allowed me to change my teaching practice and to create meaningful learning experiences for my students.
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