The Great Equalizer

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Geoff Bird
World War, 1939-1945
Over 7300 Métis men and women who contributed to Canada’s war efforts from the First World War to the present day, are commemorated at the Métis Veterans Memorial Monument in Batoche in Saskatchewan. Specifically, during the Second World War Métis volunteers enjoyed the equalizing effects of a nation working together for a common cause. Unfortunately, their efforts were largely ignored after the war when a return to daily life also meant a return to racial discrimination. The monument at Batoche serves as a celebration of the Métis contribution to Canadian and world history, adding to a site already rich in historical and cultural significance.
This 16-part series features stories from sites of memory in Canada related to the Second World War. Conversation kits that include discussion questions and activities for students and the public, along with web links and ideas for additional resources are available for each story and accessible online. Please note, each vignette opens with 20 seconds of silence.
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