Assessment in inquiry-based learning: the rationale and design of a handbook for teaching and assessing key learning facets

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Zumach, Kimberly
In this project, inquiry-based learning was examined in conjunction with the new British Columbia curriculum. The new curriculum emphasizes the importance of three core competencies that transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines: Personal and Social Responsibility, Communication, and Critical and Creative Thinking. When viewed through the lens of inquiry-based learning, these competencies formed the background of key learning facets. The question of how best to assess inquiry-based learning in the new curriculum was addressed through a thorough review of current assessment literature. A solution to the problem was proposed through the creation of an assessment handbook for educators. The handbook guides educators through a series of lessons that can explicitly teach the cross-curricular skills embedded in the core competencies of the new curriculum. Teaching the elements of the key learning facets allows both students and educators to have a clear target for achieving success. This model allows for transparency and authenticity of assessment in inquiry-based learning.
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