Technology integration: how effective are teachers at implementing technology into classroom instruction?

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Woods, Matthew
Technology integration of teachers in School District 69, Qualicum Beach, was investigated using a mixed methods exploratory approach. A survey (N=58) collecting both qualitative and quantitative data was distributed to teachers from seven elementary schools and one high school. Of the data collected, 83% of respondents identified themselves as elementary focused teachers. After current literature was reviewed, a Likert style survey was created to identify teacher effectiveness at integrating technology in the classroom. Four variables were used to measure overall teacher effectiveness. Data was collected by assessing the level of teacher technical knowledge, by identifying the types of technologies that teachers are using in their classroom, by measuring how often teachers were integrating technologies into the classroom, and by analyzing the effects of teacher attitudes toward integrating technology. A few open-ended qualitative questions followed asking respondents to identify any barriers to technology implementation. Despite a high level of teacher technical expertise, the results of this study suggest that teachers are not effectively integrating technology in the classroom. Reasons for low technology use were explored and discussed as well as ways to enhance technology integration in the classroom.
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