The importance of continual professional development opportunities being offered to educational assistants within the Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese in both elementary and high schools

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Zdrilic, Josipa
The research thesis provides a brief history and background knowledge regarding the lack of clear roles and responsibilities for educational assistants within today’s British Columbian school system. Educational assistants within the Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA) completed an online survey regarding their prior knowledge and training that relates to their current students. 43 educational assistants also comment on their own perspectives and needs regarding professional development opportunities within the CISVA. A mixed method approach was used which included qualitative and quantitative research questions which unsurprisingly showed that educational assistant within the CISVA would like more relevant professional development opportunities to be offered. Base on the study’s results, it is recommended that the CISVA and the public schools within British Columbia offer more professional development opportunities to their educational staff during school hours. It is also recommended that more schools hire certified educational assistants and have the certified educational assistants work with the students who have special needs. This is deemed important because of their background knowledge and prior training which directly affects the students learning success.
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