Plan Canada - Volume 39, Number 2 (May/June 1999)

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Planning professionalism|Pratique et perspectives de l'urbanisme
From CIP's president|Le mot du président de l'ICU / Patrick G. Déoux -- CIP news|Échos de l'ICU -- Professional planning: On the horns of the modern/postmodern dilemma|La profession d'urbaniste: Face à un dilemme entre modernisme et postmodernisme / Ian Wight -- A portrait of postmodern planning: Anti-hero and/or passionate pilgrim? / Leonie Sandercock -- Rummaging in the compost / Gary Davidson -- Towards collaboration between planning practitioners and academics / David R. Witty -- Reflections on planning professionalism / Mark Seasons -- Professional meets personal: Bringing the whole self to work / Reg Lang -- So, what's a profession?: And how does CIP-style planning rate? / Nancy Marshall -- Teaching professional practice in Canadian planning schools / John A. Curry -- Environmental values and professionalism in planning: A case study / Andrew Gowdy & Sue Hendler -- Bridging the gap: Cloaking professionalism / Sandra Smith -- Book review|Lu pour vous: Beware of monstrous hybrids! A professional planning perspective on Jane Jacobs' Systems of survival / David D. Brown -- Royal Australian Planning Institute / Barrie Melotte
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