In the face of adversity: factors affecting dropout, re-engagement and resilience among at-risk youth at an alternative high school

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Fryer, Lisa
This action research examined the factors contributing to dropout, re-engagement and resilience among at-risk youth in an alternative high school. The population participating in this action research were male and female students ages 16-21 who were enrolled in the SD70 Alternative Programs in Port Alberni, British Columbia at the time of the study. Participants in the study had dropped out or left school for a period of time, but had re-enrolled in school and were currently attending the Vast Education Centre in the SD70 Alternative Programs. Through quantitative and qualitative research methods, a questionnaire and semi-structured interviews were used to collect data. The researcher hoped to learn more about the factors contributing to the decision to drop out, re-engage and how youth cope with life’s challenges and stressors. The researcher also hoped to gain knowledge and to provide her alternative school more information about how to better support at-risk youth around preventing dropout and developing student resilience. The research also hoped to give youth a “voice” to share their experiences.
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