Exploring homeowner wildfire mitigation adoption in British Columbia’s Cariboo Region

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Edwards, Glen
British Columbia must adapt to a rise in wildfire disasters. Homeowner wildfire mitigation should be a part of this adaptation and is advocated by FireSmart. However, adoption remains low. This qualitative research project explored the adoption of wildfire mitigation activities by homeowners using field studies, interviews, and a focus group with participants from four communities in BC’s Cariboo Region. The research found that all participants were interested in wildfire mitigation. However, they varied in how they prepared their homes. Participants described being involved in three different wildfire mitigation processes. These processes were related, but had different motivations, considerations, and goals. Engagement with these processes over time resulted in reduced wildfire risks but could be impeded in several ways. The results indicate that supporting these different processes in different ways, and with consideration to how they are impeded, may lead to greater overall success with supporting community wildfire risk reduction.
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