Overcoming restrictions of internet acceptable use policies in K-12 schools: supporting educational professionals implementing Web 2.0 tools

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Cameron, Tracy J.
Web 2.0 tools are increasingly being used by educators as learning tools for their students, yet some educators are unaware that to do so they must follow their school district Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) when using these types of online tools with students. The intention of this project was to help contribute to the understanding of restrictions placed on educators through a school district’s AUP and to determine strategies that can support them in following acceptable use policies when implementing Web 2.0 tools into their teaching. To ensure educators have convenient access to the documents required prior to using Web 2.0 tools with students a website containing a vetted list of Web 2.0 tools based on School District 79 – Cowichan Valley’s AUP was created. Clear documentation of the vetting process that was created was posted on the website. Web 2.0 tool documents were created to be easily shared with teachers, parents and students to better inform them of the acceptable uses of the specific tool. Feedback provided by peers in the field of education indicated a high need for such a resource in school districts and enthusiasm to access such a resource. The website created will need to be maintained in order to promote use among educators in School District 79 and to continue the growing the list of Web 2.0 tools offered on the list of accepted tools.
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