What is emergence and how does it relate to our educational ecology?

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Swinn, Martha J.
The basis of this project was to create a workshop using emergent pedagogy to explain the semantics and propagation of emergence to educators. The strategies used in the workshop to demonstrate being-with a subject include: dialogue, picture word index model, journal reflection, check-in, walk and talk, multi-sensory brainstorming, found poetry, Frayer vocabulary model, mime as a narrative frame, and idea-mapping. The strategies used to learn more about emergence before the workshop include: workshopping poetry, an online blog, personal reflections on previous art and writing experiences, as well as exploration of English Language Learning strategies. The overall approach was to create an experiential workshop that demonstrated the key attributes of emergence. It is a phenomenon; a system manifestation; a pocket of order; an interaction of relationships; an entanglement; and a synchronous function of thought. Emergence can, also, be created as a product. Upon completion of the workshop, it was discovered that many of the strategies in the research process could be finished pieces all on their own thus demonstrating another quality of emergence: the intertwined nature of product and process.
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