Becoming a learning organization for the members of Servus Credit Union

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Tomkins, Kevin
Credit Union
Customer Experience
Learning Organization
Organization Change
This organizational leadership thesis explored how becoming a learning organization could support Servus Credit Union's increased focus on sales to enhance the customer experience and adhered to the Royal Roads University Research Ethics Policy. An appreciative stance was applied within an action research methodology to enhance the understanding of what is involved in being a learning organization. Four interviews were conducted with external participants to learn from their experiences with learning organizations. An internal focus group was then conducted with Servus Credit Union District and Regional Managers to further explore what would be required to create an exceptional customer experience and to continuously improve. The following recommendations emerged from the research: involve employees in revitalizing the vision, mission, and values; integrate the vision, mission, and values into the performance management process; formalize a leadership development program; establish a cross-functional innovation team; and engage customers to understand their needs.
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