Plan Canada - Volume 44, Number 3 (Autumn 2004)

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Planning in mid-size cities|L'urbanisme dans les villes moyennes
Looking ahead|Coup d'oeil sur l'avenir / Chris Leach -- CIP news|Échos de l'ICU -- From the senior editor|Le mot du rédacteur principal / Mark Seasons -- Distinctions between middle-size and large cities: Growth level, urban form and transportation / Pierre Filion & Trudi Bunting -- Arts in the mid-sized city / Judith Miller -- Economic development in mid-size Canadian cities / Ken O'Brien -- Growth management in the Alberta Heartland / Harry Harker -- Cultural districts: Lessons learned from Kelowna, British Columbia / John Curry -- The angle on Spring Garden Road / John Heseltine -- The costs and impacts of rural sprawl: Not all sprawl is equal / Rob Buchan -- The bicycle compatibility of streets in downtown Calgary / Tim Blair -- Planning and disaster management education in Canada: Bridging the gap / Ali Asgary -- The realities of idealism / Susanne Glenn -- Urban design and computing / Richard M. Levy -- One member's opinion / Ryan McVeigh
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