Encyclopædic Dictionary: A New, And Original Work Of Reference To All The Words In The English Language With A Full Account Of Their Origin, Meaning, Pronounciation, And Use, Vol. VI. Pt.II

Black and white steel engraving showing four sturgeon, three head views, and a diagram which shows how the sturgeons swim. Text at bottom reads: "1.Upper Surface of Head of Acipenser glaber, showing Dermal Scutes. 2.Under Side of Head of Acipenser glaber, showing Mouth and Barbels, and Pores of the under side of the Rostrum. 3.Acipenser ruthenus, showing the under side of the Head, Mouth, Barbels, Pores, &c. 4.Acipenser ruthenus. 5.Acipenser glaber. 6.Diagram of the Swimming of the Sturgeon, showing the double curve into which the body of the fish is thrown; the dotted line with the two arrows shows the way and the direction described by the tip of the tail. 7.Sturgeons-(A) At the Fisheries Exhibition; (B) At the South Kensington Museum." Title of print: "STURGEONS (ACIPENSERIDAE)".
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