Pacific Rim National Park Reserve’s Pacific Traverse Trail: Exploring Parks Canada’s Environmental Impact Assessment Process

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Hannigan, Jessie Leigh
Detailed Impact Assessment
Environmental Impact Analysis
Environmental Impact Assessment
Impact Assessment
Pacific Traverse Trail
Parks Canada
This research investigated Parks Canada Agency’s (PCA) environmental impact assessment (EIA) process using Pacific Rim National Park Reserve's (PRNPR) Pacific Traverse Trail (PTT) as a case study. Research assessed stakeholders’ satisfaction with the EIA’s ability to reconcile environmental protection and sustainable development. The study compared the EIA with stakeholder perceptions, academic literature on environmental impact assessments, and the objectives of Parks Canada’s EIA process. The research asked: how satisfied are stakeholders with how the PTT EIA process is assessing environmental impacts according to the objectives set out in Parks Canada’s environmental impact assessment policy and legislation? Research involved the national park reserve’s stakeholders (First Nations, municipal partners, PCA staff, consultants and the public) who participated in the environmental assessment process. Generally, stakeholders expressed satisfaction with the EIA’s ability to assess and recommend environmental mitigation strategies within the pre-determined scope of the PTT EIA.
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