Why are you thriving when I'm barely surviving?: An exploration of personal resiliency factors that enable novice nurses to thrive

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Dames, Shannon
Despite exposure to similar workplace stressors, some novice nurses manage to thrive while others experience high levels of emotional exhaustion and burnout. This qualitative research study of eight novice nurses from British Columbia, Canada explored the interplay of personal resiliency factors that enable nurses to thrive in their nursing roles. The study outcomes demonstrate that personal resiliency factors play a significant role in how the novice nurse participants interpreted workplace stimuli, either as challenges they felt confident to navigate, or as threatening stressors. The most prominent personal resiliency factors that impacted the novice nurses’ ability to thrive included congruence, self-compassion, self-efficacy, and the resulting ability to navigate workplace stressors. Personal resiliency impacts the ability to navigate the stressors endemic in many novice nurse work environments. Study results underscore the importance of resilience education for nurses in training and ongoing support as they cross the threshold into professional practice.
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