Plan Canada - Volume 18, Number 1 (March 1978)

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Canadian resource towns
From the editor / Gerald Hodge -- From the guest editors / Gilbert A. Stelter & Alan F.J. Artibise -- Abstracts|Résumés -- Canadian resource towns in historical perspective / Gilbert A. Stelter & Alan F.J. Artibise -- The development of an unplanned community: Cobalt, 1903-1914 / Douglas Baldwin -- Planning and development in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory / Paul M. Koroscil -- The changing internal structure of Canadian resource towns / L.D. McCann -- Dr. Emile Nadeau's 'Jardin de la Confédération' / Jeanne Wolfe -- [Review] New communities in Canada: Exploring planned environments (A special issue of CONTACT, Journal of Urban and Environmental Affairs, vol. 8, no.3), edited by Norman E.P. Pressman / O.W. Saarinen -- [Book review] To preserve and defend: Essays on Kingston in the nineteenth century, edited by Gerald Tulchinsky / David B. Knight -- [Review] Canadian Urban Studies (Communique: Canadian Studies, vol. 3, no. 3), edited by Alan F.J. Artibise / John Weaver -- [Book review] Choosing Canada's capital: Jealously and friction in the 19th century, by David B. Knight / L.D. McCann -- Books received|Nouvelles acquisitions -- Contents of other journals|Sommaires d'autres revues -- Contributors|Auteurs des articles
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