Plan Canada - Special edition (2009)

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Welcoming communities: Planning for diverse populations
Welcoming communities: Planning for the diversity in Canadian cities / Sandeep Agrawal, Caroline Andrew, & John Biles -- From nation to neighbourhood: Integrating immigrants through community development / Leonie Sandercock - What is this thing called multicultural planning? / Mohammad A. Qadeer -- Canadian social policy in the 2000s: Bringing place in / Neil Bradford -- This much we know: Key components from a paper on place-based approaches and federal roles and interest in communities / "Federal Family" on Community Collaboration -- The myth of ghettoization in urban Canada and le ghetto français / Kamal Dib & Bharathi Sriaman -- Building diversity in the City of Surrey: The future lives here / Lisa White, Kelsey Swanson, Poonam Olak, & Arielle Patterson -- From research to policy to practice: The case of the City of Edmonton / John Reilly & Tracey M. Derwing -- Planning for urban diversity: A municipal perspective / Valerie Pruegger & Derek Cook -- Planning for diversity in Saskatoon: Progressive policies and practices / Joseph Garcea -- Immigration: An emerging issue for planners in Canada's North / Robert Vineberg -- Planning for newcomers in Winnipeg's inner city / Tom Carter -- Welcoming Communities project / Meyer Burstein -- Planning amidst cultural diversity: Lessons from religious development / Heidi Hoernig -- The language of municipal government in global communities: Corporate communications policies in six cities / Livianna Tossutti -- New ethnic places of worship and planning challenges / Sandeep Kumar Agrawal -- Leadership and collaboration on immigration in Peel Region / Arvin Prasad & John Yeh -- Ethnic enclaves in multicultural cities: New retailing patterns and new planning dilemmas / Valerie Preston & Lucia Lo -- Urban citizenship for immigrant cities: One resident, one vote in municipal elections / Myer Siemiatycki -- Ethnic retailing and implications for planning multicultural communities / Zhixi Cecilia Zhuang -- So where is ethnocultural diversity in Canadian cities? / Brian K. Ray -- Religion in public space in a multi-ethnic environment: Reasonable accommodation in zoning / Annick Germain -- Including ethnocultural communities in neighbourhood life / Lyne Poitras -- Toward a more welcoming community?: Observations on the Greater Moncton Area / Chedly Belhodja
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