Inspiring positive change in the healthcare system through love-led leadership

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Howard, Sheena
action research
love-led leadership
moral courage
moral distress
positive change
relationship-centred care
This inquiry explored the following key research question: How might embracing love-led leadership inspire positive change in the healthcare system in Peterborough and county? The organizational sponsor of this research was the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre (KSAC). This research inquiry was grounded in action research engagement methodology and married well with KSAC’s dedication to supporting individual and community empowerment. Thirteen patient advocates of 18 years of age or older were recruited to participate in the art-based research method of Photovoice. Fifteen frontline healthcare leaders participated in the groupbased method of world café. Key findings of this research inquiry include identification of the existence of love-led leadership, how love-led leadership is expressed by healthcare providers, as well as limitations in manifesting love-led leadership in healthcare practice. This thesis adheres to Royal Roads University’s (2011) Research Ethics Policy. Keywords: positive change, love-led leadership, inspiring change, burnout, healthcare, trauma-informed, love, leadership, relationship-centred care, moral distress, moral courage, action research engagement, Photovoice, world café
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