A case for psychoeducational assessments for students in ABE upgrading: a policy brief

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Browning, Donna
This project cumulates into a policy brief which provides recommendations for changes to the policy involving psychoeducational assessment for students with learning disabilities enrolled in Adult Basic Upgrading (ABE). As much as 25% of students enrolled in ABE programs have a documented disability and many more are suspected. This project provides a review of the literature outlining the implications of education on societal and individual functioning as well as its significance in supporting inclusion and social justice practices. The writer was further informed through examining government documentation and websites, e-mail communication with two international initiations, an interview with a former department head of a disability service center, meetings with members of the provincial articulation subcommittee and attendance at meetings involving educators and support staff of ABE students. This project is intended to promote awareness of the inequality created by current policies around academic accommodations for students with learning disabilities and provide justification for policy reform.
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