Word up : Algonquin College as a sustainability leader

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Robinson, Natalie Joan
Algonquin College
Postsecondary education
Ottawa (Ont.)
Online surveys (Research methodology)
Surveys (Research methodology)
“Word up” is a catch phrase that denotes agreement or enthusiasm about what another has said. A question central to this thesis was whether study participants thought that Algonquin College should endeavour to be a sustainability leader. Online and clipboard surveys, involving on- and off-campus participants, compiled new ideas of how Algonquin could educate for sustainability. These ideas formed a needs analysis that, combined with a review of trends in North American colleges’ education for sustainability, fed into program design recommendations. The program design phase of the research involved participants in an assessment of the survey results and the development of program recommendations for academic development at Algonquin College. Off-campus participants suggested new types of experiential learning involving community partners and encouraged the college to educate for careers related to sustainable food and renewable energy. On-campus participants were concerned foremost with the infusion of sustainable principles across all college curricula.
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