The effects of emotional labour on teacher identity

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Fisk, Marsie L.
This purpose of this study was to share the experience of mid-career teachers as they continued to develop and understand their personal and professional identities, and to identify how emotional labor impacts identity. Through an online survey inclusive of closed and open-ended questions, participants provided responses that addressed participant demographics, personal and professional identity, and emotional labour in teaching. These findings provided insight into possible structures that support teachers as they navigate and manage the interdependence of personal and professional identities and emotional labour. This research is important to further understand the role of a teacher as the world evolves around us. As the professional responsibilities of teachers in Alberta change to address societal change, it is important to acknowledge changes in classroom demographics, increased complex needs, and increased support initiatives that contribute to teacher stress and a need for teacher wellness. The outcome of this study was expected to provide insight into structures and processes to support teachers in managing emotional labour.
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