B.C. shellfish culture

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Pennell, William
Fifteen years ago the only forms of aquaculture in British Columbia were oyster and trout farms, and these were mainly family affairs with a few large companies. Today, however, salmon farms dominate aquaculture in the public eye with an astounding proliferation of companies ranging from major corporations with offerings on the stock market to small family farms. The oyster and trout farms are still there, but they have been eclipsed by the publicity surrounding the salmon farming business which has grown so dramatically in the last three years. Also shaded from public view are innovative aquaculture on seaweed, blackcod, sturgeon, scallop, clam, mussel and abalone. Some of these are in the early stages of commercial development and others are strictly research. This article will outline the status and history of invertebrate culture in British Columbia and provide a glimpse of the enormous potential soon to be realized there.
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