Exploring the teacher-administrator relationship in schools: a workshop to build and sustain relationships

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Rai, Jasleen Kaur
This study reflects some theoretical aspects of interpersonal relationships in the sphere of education. It highlights the presence of mutual understanding and the importance of common cognitive identification of the subjects of interaction with each other in interpersonal relationships. The purpose of the study was to identify as well as describe the importance of the gaps and circumstances that may affect administrator-teacher relationships. In particular, the study aimed to highlight the idea of building and sustaining teacher-administrator relationships. The study is an effort to understand the reciprocal nature of interpersonal relationships, mutual contribution, and collaboration of those involved in relationships; sustaining and prioritizing the value of ethics of care for the relationship is at the core of this study. A workshop was constructed based on a five-step model to emphasize the importance of the teacher-administrator relationship in schools.
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