Evidence-based practices for struggling intermediate and secondary readers: What, why, how?

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McKenzie Bingham, Ericia
This applied project examined Response to Intervention evidence-based programs that teachers can use at Tier 1 in the teaching of reading to support intermediate and secondary students who encounter reading challenges in the general education classroom. Evidence-based reading programs demonstrated effectiveness in supporting students’ reading practices, particularly those students who are struggling to read as well as those who read at the frustration level. The handbook provides teachers with the information they will need to navigate the teaching and assessment of reading. Its development was supported with reviews of both past and current reading research, and it presents practical strategies for teaching and assessments. It will provide teachers with the opportunity of assessing students’ areas of strengths and weaknesses and analyzing the evidence to make informed instructional decisions. The focus of this applied project is support for intermediate and secondary students. It is hoped that if teachers adopt the approach of using RTI and evidence-based programs in their teaching of reading as presented in the handbook, these evidence-based practices will support students’ motivation and reading skill development.
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