Longhouse and greenhouse : searching for food security in a community-based research project

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Lickers, Adrianne
Community based research
First Nations
Food Security
Indigenous agriculture
Indigenous research methodology
traditional food practices
This applied, community-based research study used an Indigenous methodology to explore food security programs at Six Nations of the Grand River Territory in Ontario. The research focuses on factors that affect food security in relation to culture and traditions and examines current community programs at Six Nations to inquire into whether they are bringing historical cultural and traditional knowledge into modern practices that work toward food availability through food production. The researcher performed a content analysis of interview, Photovoice, participation, and observation findings to examine the links and gaps between food, culture, and community and the ways that connecting them can change people's lives. The study shows that there is a growing shift in the community's approach to food security issues due to programs such as the Our Sustenance program which offers ways gain access to food and promote cultural revitalization in the community through the planting, growing, harvesting, preparation, and sharing of food.
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