Professional development for Canadian rugby coaches

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Barz, Beth
coach learning
coach professional development
maintenance of certification
national coaching certification program
The purpose of this action research inquiry was to examine the current knowledge and application of professional development (PD) points and the maintenance of certification (MOC) process by National Coaching Certification Program trained Canadian rugby coaches. The research question was, “How can Rugby Canada foster broader acceptance and utilization of professional development for its certified coaches?” The methods, applied under the Royal Roads University (2011) Research Ethics Policy, included a survey sent to all Canadian rugby coaches, and respondents (N = 245) who indicated interest (N = 112) were invited to a thematic email interview, with a 47% response rate (N = 53). Study findings revealed coaches lacked awareness of the MOC process yet also significantly valued context, delivery, learning variety, and purpose of PD. Findings also supported potential coach behaviour change, further informing the recommendations to galvanize the change process for PD and the MOC for Canadian rugby coaches. Keywords: rugby, coaching, coach learning, national coaching certification program, maintenance of certification, coach professional development
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