Distributed leadership and the leader: designing a professional development course for private school principals of Calcutta, India

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Kaur, Kuljit
This research project was prepared to explore the role of a leader in distributed leadership setting with an intention to prepare a Professional Development Course for principals of private schools of Calcutta. The course was based on the model of distributed leadership which I had prepared on the basis of the extensive research in the field of distributed leadership. The hierarchical leadership style that I had experienced as a teacher was the driving force behind the research project. In fact, it is believed that this course would be helpful in providing answers to the adverse effects of autocratic leadership style that I had experienced. It is believed that it would be helpful to provide a new window to the school principals to learn about (a) a new leadership style and (b) implementing the model of distributed leadership as per the needs of their respective schools with a view to bringing about overall school improvement.
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