Change readiness of laboratory leaders in the system-level organization

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Thiessen, Sheryl
change attributes
change readiness
laboratory leader
organizational change
organizational culture
Successful organizational change hinges on active engagement and endorsement by the change recipients. This research evaluated the change readiness of laboratory leaders from each of British Columbia’s public health authority laboratory organizations as they entered a period of significant change affecting laboratory service delivery. Using an action research engagement methodology, individual interviews were conducted to determine the cognitive and affective change readiness attributes of these leaders, followed by a focus group session to collectively develop strategies to assist them in becoming ready for change. The findings suggest trust is the underlying factor when building the relationships necessary for organizations to undergo transformational organization change. Healthcare organizations need to think and act differently to be successful in times of rapidly changing environments and organizational uncertainty. Building readiness for change into the culture and character of the organization will enable it to respond nimbly to both planned and emergent change.
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