Plan Canada - Volume 38, Number 5 (September 1998)

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Technology and planning|Technologie et urbanisme
From the editor|De la plume du rédacteur / Hap Sterling -- Letters to the editor|Lettres à la rédaction -- The shape of the information city: Understanding the impacts of the information revolution on city form / Pamela Blais -- Rounding up with the POSSE: Moving from the paper world to the electronic world / Robert Caldwell, Joni Mines, & Duncan Fraser -- Rewiring the mega-city: Information technology and the amalgamation of planning activities at the new City of Toronto / Raphael Sussman & Steve Dynes -- CIP news|Échos de l'ICU -- Technically peaking: Information technology and the planning profession - where is it taking us? / Richard M. Levy -- Airports and community planning|Les aéroports et l'aménagement du territoire / Robert Hazra -- Alistair Crerar obituary / James Wilson -- In the news|Les actualités
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