Designing a practical reading roadmap for new K-3 teachers

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Cairns, Tanya F.
“Learning to read is arguably a child’s most crucial academic achievement, while teaching reading is perhaps a teacher’s most complex and challenging endeavor” (Kent, Giles, & Hibberts, 2013, p.1). New teachers are not equipped with the knowledge, understanding, and experience of teaching reading. This may include some or all of reading theory, strategies (including practical resources), a reading framework and implementation of plans. By exploring empirical research on the significance of early literacy, the elements of reading instruction (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, oral language, concepts of print, and reciprocity), the new BC curriculum, and the struggles of new K-3 teachers, a website was created to support teachers in understanding and developing their classroom reading program. Kelly Inglis and I co-designed and developed the website for new K-3 teachers to have the resources they need to implement a research-based, systematic and inclusive reading program in their classrooms to meet the differentiated needs of all their learners. The website describes a daily framework (with an overview, specific grade level exemplars, and resources), balanced literacy, early learning, and a detailed exploration of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary (including what and why, how, assessment, resources, and utilizing the framework). Imbedded throughout are ready to use lesson plans, templates, forms, and videos to help guide and support teachers as they build a reading roadmap towards life-long readers in their classroom.
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