My journey. My story: shifting perspective to living, being, teaching authentically

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Blaskovic, Wendy
The following project is an autobiographical, narrative account of my life and my investigation of the correlation between a person’s authenticity and the quality of their teaching practice. Over the past year, I critically reflected on my personal journey towards authentic being, living and teaching by asking several deep questions: What does being authentic mean, look and feel like? What does authenticity have to do with education? Why would and how could living authentically affect the quality of one’s life and profession? How can a person educate others, be a role model, practice and preach what matters to them if they do not know who they are or what they believe in? Within this paper you will find background information as to why and how becoming authentic mattered to me; the connection between authentic being and best practice; and the effect authenticity has had on my personal and professional practice. It is my hope that My Journey, My Story inspires others to dig deep and be their true, authentic selves.
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