Enhancing pedestrian experience: Exploring community-oriented processes for outdoor dining patios

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Sanghera, Bobby
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted urban landscapes, leading to the implementation of strict public health measures that have challenged traditional parking norms in urban centres. This research focuses on outdoor dining patios on Main and Commercial Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, exploring how private business patios are established in public spaces, such as parking stalls and sidewalks. The study uses a combination of non-participant observation of five patios and semi-structured interviews with five professional practitioners in British Columbia. It aims to answer several questions, such as the specific design outcomes of patios that can be observed on public sidewalks, the interpretation and implementation of design guidelines, the potential of patios as inclusive gathering spaces, their adaptability to changing sidewalk dynamics, and the strategies for equitable design interventions. The research evaluates outdoor dining patios' practical qualities, uses, and societal impacts. Its findings contribute to a better understanding of patios' role in the social fabric of urban environments and provide insights for future urban planning and design interventions.
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