In sight : MOVING Filipino Canadians into leadership?

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Kuhn, Astrid Carmel
Filipino Canadians
Participatory Action Research (PAR)
My dissertation by portfolio introduces a practical framework outlining how Filipino Canadians (FC) can move into elected government positions (using MOVER as an acronym for the multistage process). Although FC are one of the largest and the fastest-growing visible minority ethnicity, they have not been stepping into public leadership positions at any level. Past research looks at FC as marginalized, and looks at structural barriers as reasons why FC are not represented in government. As an FC entrepreneur myself, in collaboration with fellow FC entrepreneurs, I used both narrative analysis and Participatory Action Research (PAR) to tell a different story - one where FC are empowered to run for elected leadership positions. A former broadcaster, I video recorded multiple “Curiosity Conversations” to produce a documentary to be posted on YouTube, and a video example of a “TED”-like Talk to invite FC, the Filipino diaspora, and the general public into conversation. Most importantly, as a final part of the dissertation project, I also wrote a journal article manuscript to elevate the credibility of this research within academia. The main findings: there is an identification process such that entrepreneurs need to see themselves as leaders; there is an intersection of entrepreneurship and leadership skills so that those who become entrepreneurs have already gained the skills they will need to become political leaders as well; and there is a change at three levels (individual, within the FC community, and society at large). Keywords: Filipino Canadians, marginalized, empower, entrepreneurs, leadership, government, representation
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