Exploring how a dialogic mindset might foster collective thriving within Southern Alberta’s clinical and metabolic genetics program

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Ferrier, Raechel Ann
appreciative inquiry
dialogic mindset
liberating structures
Healthcare contexts are increasingly characterized by complexity and change. The socially embedded model of thriving at work offers employees insight into how feelings of learning and vitality can promote a number of positive outcomes at work such as productivity, innovative behaviors, adaptive capacity, and health and wellbeing, especially during times of high demand and environmental turbulence. This action research engagement study employed a dialogic mindset to engage members of Southern Alberta’s Clinical and Metabolic Genetics Program (SACMGP) in a series of liberating structures to appreciatively inquire into how they have experienced thriving at work, and how they would imagine a thriving future. This process discovered that SACMGP employees are experiencing collective thriving during challenging times, characterized by strong interpersonal relationships, supportive and inclusive leadership, and staff and physicians who genuinely care about each other, the service they provide, and their patients. Recommendations focused on supporting team enablers and employee vitality, and recognizing the potential for members of SACMGP to leverage thriving within interdisciplinary relationships to collectively achieve aspirations for the future.
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