British Columbia institutions teacher curricula and the ministry of education teachers act standards

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Stirling, Sarah
classroom management
education standards
institutions curriculum
teacher training
British Columbia's Ministry of Education has established fundamental policy standards for teacher practice. These standards ensure the safety and well-being of school children and youth. My study explores the lived realities of novice and experienced teachers focusing on the quantity and quality of their university training and their preparedness to implement standards. Participants' stories reveal vast differences in teacher training institutions curricula, practicums, and overall quality of education. However, there is one similarity; there is a general lack of training in relation to bullying, classroom management, and teaching strategies. Interestingly, teachers have been requesting training in these areas for decades. I contend that there is a gap between ministry policy and teacher training institutions' curriculum development. Thus, teachers graduate without the necessary skills to implement the government's teaching standards, especially in relation to student safety in school. I present practical recommendations for teacher training curriculum development, and I emphasize the importance of a mentorship program for novice teachers to ensure best practice and job satisfaction.
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