Induced energy polarization of the vacuum and the Coma cluster

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Penner, A. Raymond
The theory of an induced energy polarized vacuum is applied to the Coma cluster. The theoretical virial mass distribution of the cluster is determined and found to be in good agreement with previous virial mass estimates. A more concentrated intracluster gas profile than one based on the assumption that the gas is in hydrostatic equilibrium and isothermal does, however, lead to better agreement with measured shear values in the inner regions. The theory also leads to good agreement with measured velocity dispersion values in the case of the galaxies of the cluster being in radial orbits.
This is a manuscript version of an article published as: Penner, A.R. (2013). "Induced energy polarization of the vacuum and the Coma cluster". Canadian Journal of Physics, 91(12), 1114-1120. DOI: 10.1139/cjp-2013-0294 Canadian Journal of Physics is available online at: and this article is available at:
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