Developing a strategic approach to stakeholder engagement at SOS Children's Villages Canada

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Julien-Medeiros, Gwendolyn
Action Research
Nonprofit organizations
Social Capital
Strategic Planning
The purpose of this research was to explore how a medium-sized, not-for-profit social services organization could strategically engage culturally diverse women in Canada between the ages of 30-50 in activities that would help to achieve the organization's strategic objectives. Research was related to determining the current state of engaging this population and the actions SOS could take to enhance engagement. Action research involved staff, volunteers, donors and representatives of other organizations. Research findings revealed a connection between engaging stakeholders and growing the organization, in particular engagement through dialogue on issues associated with orphaned and abandoned children using methods that address the diverse preferences of this population. Recommendations included targeting corporate marketing and communication efforts to create meaningful interactions, creating messages centred on issues, and developing organizational capacity to strategically plan and manage this kind of stakeholder engagement. This study was of minimal risk and adhered to RRU Ethical Guidelines.
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