Geo-environmental engineering considerations in the investigation of an embankment founded on varved clays : New Liskeard, Ontario

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Robinson, Michael James
Climate change
Embankment failure
Slope stability
Varved clay
This thesis explores the geotechnical and environmental engineering considerations in an embankment failure as they relate to highway projects founded on soft varved clays. The main objective of this thesis is to shed light on the New Liskeard, Ontario case history involving a highway embankment failure and the engineering considerations in the investigation of this failure. A re-analysis of the various investigative measures and methods that were utilized involved the review of site visit observations, laboratory test results, and instrumentation data. These provided a comprehensive picture of the failure conditions and the steps that were performed in rectifying this failure. As construction activities on varved clays continue to pose challenges for engineering design, the conclusions drawn and implications are intended to guide future research and industry practices in the construction of highway embankment on soft clays, with the goal of promoting best management practices in environmentally sustainable projects.
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