Determining critical design elements that bridge virtual and physical learning about the Mackenzie River

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Swallow, Michelle
Digital Media
Human Centred Design
Mackenzie River
Northwest Territories
Social Studies
The Mackenzie River system is an important feature of the Northwest Territories (NWT). Students in the NWT schools could benefit from the support of curriculum resources to develop their knowledge about the Mackenzie River. Using the process of Human-Centred Design as a theoretical framework, I interviewed ten NWT teachers as potential end users of an online resource for learning about the Mackenzie River. The data from the teacher interviews was used to create a list of design criteria for a website-based educational resource on the Mackenzie River. In partnership with the Northwest Territories Department of Education, Culture and Employment and the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (PWNHC), I created a prototype website in which students can make a virtual river journey while meeting the requirements of the Grade 4 curriculum. The teachers who were originally interviewed then reviewed the prototype and made further recommendations for a final version of the website.
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