What matters most to older Chinese adults

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Choi, Liza Lai Shan
Jung, Piera
Harder, Marti
Zhang, Kelly
Introduction: Although an abundance of gerontological research has focused on subjective well-being, quality of life, and life satisfaction, we know little about what matters most to older adults in sub-cultural groups. The purpose of this study was to explore what matters to older Chinese adults. Methods: The study used a qualitative interpretive design, drawing influences from phenomenology and constructed meaning through participants’ lived experiences. Results: After data analysis, a core theme of cultural foundations and categorical themes emerged. This study emphasized the importance of hearing the voices of Chinese older adults and how they viewed well-being, quality of life, life satisfaction, and health care. Discussion: The findings of this study have added to the body of existing knowledge of what matters most to older adults. These insights may advance nursing as it pertains to culturally congruent health care.
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