Evaluating an ecosystem-based management approach to conserve biodiversity in boreal British Columbia

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Conville, Terry
Biodiversity in boreal British Columbia is threatened. Protecting biodiversity and integrating the conservation of at-risk species, sensitive ecological communities, and cultural diversity in this region is an ongoing challenge. Following a systematic structure based on ecological principles may help integrate social-ecological systems with multiple values, needs, and interests across diverse cultural and ecological landscapes. My research assessed whether an ecosystem management approach can be used as a framework for achieving biodiversity conservation and supporting planning processes in northeast British Columbia. I examined fundamental principles, characteristics, and components of various ecosystem-based methods and explored social barriers and organizational challenges when attempting to implement such an approach. My qualitative research method consisted of detailed document analysis and in-depth semi-structured interviews. From this, I concluded an ecosystem-based management approach may help conserve biodiversity and recommend a potential framework to guide resource planning and land use decision-making in the boreal forest ecosystem over time.
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