Enhancing student leadership at Yukon University

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Fulton, Shellby Lucy Fely
This action-oriented inquiry aligned with the emerging student leadership program at Yukon University (YukonU). Partnered with the Student Success Division, I explored how the Student Success Division might enhance the development of leadership competencies for YukonU students. Using an Indigenous research methodology with an appreciative inquiry stance, I gathered data from YukonU students and alumni through an online survey and a virtual Indigenous sharing circle. I garnered further insights from the Student Success Division staff to present optimal recommendations for their department. The project adhered to all Royal Roads University and YukonU requirements for research. The following themes surfaced from the data: safe spaces, empowerment, connection and team mindset, and hands-on experiences. I put forward four recommendations for the Student Success Division: the implementation of self-awareness activities for staff and students, staff training on leadership development, implementation of experiential leadership learning experiences, and the development of a leadership competency framework.
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