Preparing pre-service paraprofessionals to respond to young readers: a single-day workshop

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Hogeweide, Kaitlyn
The development of foundational literacy skills in the early years of schooling have been shown to later influence academic success. Therefore, the purpose of this project was to improve the quality of literacy instruction young students receive by focusing on the support they receive from paraprofessionals. This is an important area of instruction to focus on as the number of paraprofessionals in schools is increasing to now include commonly supporting students with literacy. To help prepare pre-service paraprofessionals for this role, this project focused on creating a workshop to help paraprofessionals respond to young students while reading with them. This project considers appropriate skills needed for paraprofessionals by acknowledging the interrelated roles and responsibilities of inclusive education systems today. Through this project pre-service paraprofessionals will be able to further develop their understanding of early literacy and how to support students. Within this workshop, pre-service paraprofessionals will have an opportunity to practice using examples of specific feedback to consistently support the literacy processes and effort young students benefit from receiving while reading.
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