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Veletsianos, George
The Digital Learning and Social Media Research Group
Networked scholarship
Digital learning
Research Shorts playlist includes 14 videos: "Research Dissemination, Research Mobilization, and Reaching Broader Audiences", "Student Experiences in Open, Online Learning", "How Do Professors and Students Use Twitter?", "Using Twitter as a Conference Backchannel", "Why do professors, staff, and students disclose challenging personal and professional issues online?", "Who studies MOOCs?", "Digging Deeper Into Learners’ Experiences in MOOCs", "Emergence and Innovation in Digital Learning", "Scholars’ Open and Sharing Practices", "Scholarship on Social Media and the Academic Self", "The Structure & Characteristics of #PhDchat, an emergent Online Social Network", A Systematic Analysis And Synthesis of the Empirical MOOC Literature Published in 2013-2015", "The Life Between Big Data Log Events: Learners’ Strategies to Overcome Challenges in MOOCs", and "Digital Learning Environments".
Research Shorts are short research video summaries by George Veletsianos and The Digital Learning and Social Media Research Group: Research Shorts examine issues relevant to educational technology, digital learning, networked scholarship, and student/faculty experiences with technology and education. The original research is available at and
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