Innovative leisure practices: Cases as conduits between theory and practice

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The World Leisure Centre of Excellence (WLCE) at Vancouver Island University is privileged to share its fifth volume of case studies, as part of the Innovative Leisure Practices series. The series aims to provide a forum for the exchange of innovative practices in leisure. Innovative practices are defined as any unique, modern or promising approaches, strategies, or techniques that have been used to address current issues, opportunities, or trends in leisure. Our publication aims to attract many types of authors for diverse audiences. Our objective is to attract contributions from faculty and students in leisure-related academic programs internationally. It is our working assumption that scholars and scholarship can benefit from having current examples that showcase how researchers and practitioners are approaching common issues, opportunities, and trends. We also aim to create a platform for scholars and practitioners to share their innovative practices and opportunities to gain insight from research undertaken in diverse applied leisure contexts.
Special issue: Focus on student research
Homeless encampments, hotels, and equitable access to public space: Advancing change towards socially sustainable post-pandemic public spaces in Victoria, British Columbia / Lliam Anthony Broderick -- Leisure as a cutting edge innovation in increase self-determination and personal resilience / Stewart Alford, Dana Perlman, Susan Sumskis, Lorna Moxham, & Christopher Patterson -- Place-making: From a residents' initiative to a participatory effect - the case study of BOMBAST / Monique Schulte - van Alphen & Nicoline de Heus -- The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity: A case study / Christin S. Collishaw -- Achieving sustainability through adaptive reuse strategies: Beijing 798 Arts District demonstrates the power of cultural and creative industry / Lihui Wu -- Sex segregation and the participation of transgender adults in recreational sport in British Columbia, Canada / Tung Nguyen -- Measuring the value of varsity athletics through student retention and the balanced scorecard strategy / Reid E.R. Davidson -- Exploring culinary experiences of visitors in temporary settings: The case of pop-up restaurants / Farnoosh Niroo & Christine Van Winkle
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